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Before: Gathering zero-party data is tedious, with cumbersome data plumbing and off-brand widget providers. Audyem: All of your needs from widgets to event pipelines and dashboards in one place.

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Helping top publishers generate more value

Ippen Media reported a 25% uplift in their lead generation using Audyem and 95% time saved by reducing overhead, administration and freeing up developer resources. Read the success story to learn more.


Learning from 100 million users every month

Audyem has grown to over 100 million users, processing billions of events on behalf of our customers. Through constant monitoring of our growing network, we deliver best-in-class performance.


Perfectly in tune with your CRM

Integrating our widgets requires just one line of code. Your data gets delivered instantly to any CRM interface you might desire, from SAP Sales Cloud to Salesforce or custom event architectures.

⚡️   Data StreamingYour events get delivered instantly
🤖   Webhook DeliveryGet events via JSON to your webhook endpoints
🧠   Custom PayloadsInclude your system logic everywhere

Audience Features

Keeping it personal

Audyem lets you place the right message at the right time through a wide range of dynamic features. Drastically lower bounce rates and increased sales. In a fully automated fashion.

🎓   Article ClusteringWe match your widgets to your context on the fly
🙋‍♂️   Bounce PreventionDetect exit intent or trigger messages based on your events
💥   Funnel AwarenessShow dynamic messages based on signup status


Blazing fast

Audyem lets you craft widgets that get perfect performance scores across the board, making us the ideal choice for all of your SEO-sensitive applications.

💯   Top RatingsPerfect Lighthouse marks for performance and best practices
❤️   Core Web VitalsAudyem ensures ideal user experience in the frontend
🐁   Tiny PayloadsInstant display with payloads under 65 kilobytes

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